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Listen to the first single off of Crystal Tamar’s upcoming solo EP!

Nowhere by Crystal Tamar is the first single off of Crystal Tamar’s upcoming first solo EP.

Crystal Tamar explains the single…

“Nowhere is a vibe! I could write a book about what this record means when I’m singing it, because it captures the real life sentiment that I feel, of no matter where I am in this big world,I’m nowhere if my love isn’t there with me. I don’t wanna do the good stuff or the bad stuff without him.No matter what it is I’m experiencing, I’m simply not growing and living if we’re not doing it together.It’s saying.. “So come on, let me take you to the Bay and let me take you to my hometown and lets do love here and there.” Writer Kaleena Harper has this instinctive gift of picking up on an artists mental & emotional state and she really hit the nail on the head with this one. Really grateful to have had her and my hometown producer Cam Wallace, who you’ll hear in the closing of the record, be a part of this swaggy love song over 808s, authentically capturing who I am.”

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