Album cover for Serenade, by Crystal Tamar. Crystal Tamar stands in front of a wood wall, wearing a gold dress and black corset as she stands with her hands on her hips. Crystal is smiling, looking over to her left.
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The third single from Crystal Tamar’s debut solo EP, Serenade, is now available on all social media platforms!

Crystal Tamar displays her love for nostalgic, soulful R&B with the release of the studio version of “Serenade,” out today. Produced by Christopher Duncanson and Michael A. Gordon, the third single from her self-titled EP is a tribute to the old-school, stripped-down soul classics that inspired the Houston-bred singer. The music video will be released on June 17.

Crystal Tamar was immediately drawn to the song upon first listen. “‘Serenade’ is my ballad baby of the album,” she says. “I sifted through many submissions to find a record that would embody my old school R&B soul and pay homage to the true musicianship that my genre was birthed from. It rang loud and clear when I heard it. Those drums and demanding vocals when the verse opens gave me Jodeci, ‘Freek’N You,’ vibes. I said YESSSSS! The Gordon Brothers’ penmanship and vocals were just what I was looking for.”

Last week, Crystal Tamar released “Serenade (Acoustic)” featuring guitarist Ben Misterka and recorded live at 25th Street Studios in Oakland. In celebration of Black Music Month this month, Crystal Tamar pays homage to some of her favorite classics with a daily, pop-up podcast series, “Crystal Tamar Presents – Serenade: Best Song Duets.” At 2 p.m. daily from Monday, June 14 to Friday, June 18, Crystal Tamar and special guests will listen to and discuss songs from her personal playlist, sharing factoids and personal memories. During the show, Crystal will also premiere the behind-the-scenes video and official video for “Serenade.”

Stream or download Serenade NOW:

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